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We all have a story to share…
we are here to walk with you along the journey of healing.

Consider: Have you struggled with any of these feelings: disappointment, rejection, abandonment, anger, guilt, shame, grief, emotional pain, insecurity, sadness, hopelessness, ambivalence, depression, heartache, loneliness, never being heard or listened to…

Or with…intimacy, family challenges, marriage relationship, communication, setting boundaries, or decision making

Ponder your thoughts, then ask these questions:
Have I been wounded emotionally, verbally, or spiritually?
Have I been abused physically, sexually or mentally?

If yes is your answer… Heart Walk Group Support will listen to your story and hep you to enter resolution and healing. Offering HOPE and clarity in your identity as a child of God.


About me


I grew up in West Michigan. I graduated from Liberty University with two master’s degrees 1) Marriage & Families in 2014 and 2) Professional Counseling in 2017. I began my journey in the counseling field in 2009 working as a case manager, parent mentor, and as a life coach. I have built relationships with Children’s Protective Services, Foster Care, Probation Officers, and Judges working with at-risk families in services. I provided in-home intensive counseling and case managing to continue mental health care clients and helped build healthier family relationships. I am trained in domestic violence, suicidal ideation crisis, mental health, and substance abuse. I have worked in residential settings, respite, and as a group facilitator aiding with healing from childhood abuse, neglect, trauma, and parenting. I have trained those under me to illustrate healing dynamics to others. My expertise includes, yet not limited to, parenting strategies, trauma experienced, relationship struggles, and more. I have an incredibly supportive husband, Michael, who has encouraged me to pursue my lifelong passion of helping others. Together we have raised eight fantastic children and now have several grandchildren we enjoy! We enjoy providing a safe place for others to share their stories of woundedness and healing through our church ministry.

specialties & services

The first step towards successful counseling is building a relationship with the client. You can expect to practice skills in-between sessions by challenges and homework given to practice skills. This builds confidence, empowerment, and advocacy. I help individuals find stability and support by examining past relationships and environments and build new healthy trusting relationships with an emphasis on personal responsibility and accountability.

Some of my specialties include:

  • Trauma – Adult survivors of childhood abuse

  • Domestic Violence – Boundaries

  • Parenting Struggles - Anxiety, Depression, Conflict, or Communication Issues, Love & Logic

  • Other - Unhealthy Relationships, Environments, and Internal Conflict

In my private practice I provide services to individuals, couples, or families. Sessions involve using several theories of counseling approaches including, yet not limited to:

  • Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

  • Psychodynamic & Psychotherapy

  • Solution Focus Brief Therapy

  • Narrative

  • Family Systems Theory

  • Groups Work  

Scheduling and payment options

Schedule by contacting Heart Walk Counseling directly by phone (616) 477-5694 to schedule.

Pay for your session through PayPal (Debit or Credit Card accepted)

Other forms of payment include cash or personal check made payable to Heart Walk Counseling LLC.

sessions offered

Initial Counseling PSA Intake: 75-minute session of $125 paid upon scheduling.

The initial intake gathers a lengthy history and background of the client to begin developing treatment goals. It provides the therapist insight of where struggles might be hindering and offer guidance to the client to explore areas of their life. It is a platform to begin the journey to walk

Individual Counseling: 60-minute session of $95 paid upon scheduling.

Help individuals come to a deeper self-understanding and self-appreciation through exploration of a variety of mental health, professional, and life-style concerns. Individual counseling is one-on-one care for emotional, relational, and vocational stress, which might include depression, anxiety, grief, faith concerns and more. Assists with communication, conflict management, marital expectations, parenting, and other relationship issues.

Couples: 75-minute session of $125 paid upon scheduling.

Help couples to explore strengths and weaknesses in their relationship. Help set-up and model effective communication and active listening skills to manage conflict. Couples will be given homework to challenge and build their skills working together and separately on various relationship strategies.


Family Sessions: A 90-minute session of $150 paid upon scheduling.

Usually involves several family members and helps with communication, problem-solving, conflict management, losses such as death and divorce, changes, and understanding of family dynamics.

On-line Sessions: A 45-minute session of $60 paid upon scheduling.

On-line sessions offer convenience for the client’s schedule, comfort, lack of transportation, or even privacy at their level to open-up and share.

groups & expectations

Group Sessions: A non-refundable 1-hour prescreen assessment for any group enrollment is $60 due upon scheduling.

The importance of this assessment is to determine which group placement would allow you to learn, heal, and grow emotionally.

Bridging Brokenness offered to: Men, Women, or Co-ed: Each group is an 8 -12-week commitment consisting of a 90 min / 2-hour group per week with 2-6 participants using a Christian format. After the 2nd week this will become a closed group. Curriculum is in development (No additional cost currently). A weekly payment schedule of $25 per week is to be paid before session; includes absenteeism.

Payments of $150 is due upon scheduling and another payment of $150 due at the end of week two. A weekly payment schedule of $25 per week is available upon request and a signed contract of twelve weeks of payment includes absenteeism.

After the 2nd week this will become a closed group. Please reach out if you are looking for the next available group.

The Heart & Soul of a Real Marriage: Each group is a 12-week commitment consisting of a 2-hours group per week with 2-6-other couples using a Christian curriculum. For those desiring to strengthen and embrace their marriage and enhance relationship skills. After the 2nd week this will become a closed group. A weekly payment schedule of $40 per week is to be paid before session; includes absenteeism. Cost of curriculum not included and uses the Heart & Soul of a Real Marriage material. Books available to purchase at the first meeting. Cost of curriculum is $20 per person.

Touching the Teenage Heart (for girls ages 14-19): Each group is an 8-week commitment of a 90-minute group per week consisting of 2-6 other participants using a Christian format. For those who have been abused and desire healing from emotional, sexual, physical, or domestic violence, and neglect trauma. This is a closed small group after the 2nd week. Curriculum is in development (No additional cost currently). A weekly payment schedule of $25 per week is to be paid before session; includes absenteeism.

Any group paid in full and completed a $60 intake assessment for placement will receive 15% off their total group experience.

Hope for the Surviving Parent: Each class is a 6-week commitment of 60-90 minutes. Parenting can be challenging and difficult yet rewarding and an incredible experience. Learn strategies to build rapport with your children of various ages. Learn effective discipline strategies communication, build trust, safe guard rules for technology… all to build a healthy family unit. (Cost is $25 per class / No intake or assessment is needed)

Consulting: $125 per hour / services vary.
Guest Speaking: $125 per hour / services vary.

Any group paid in full at the time of scheduling and completed the $60 assessment for placement will receive 15% off their total group experience.

Sliding Scale for Counseling: Counseling tends to be an investment toward a better life than you are currently experiencing. With that said, I do offer a sliding fee that will be based on need and necessity. If necessary, please contact Rhea Richardson, MA, LLPC to inquire about the sliding scale.

Consulting: Fee-for-service is $125 per hour. Consulting is the service you seek to answer a specific problem using the expert knowledge of a professional. I can assist growing, training, or providing perspective in areas to grow-such as communicating with co-workers, conflict resolution, crisis awareness or safety planning. A consultant has specialized knowledge and expertise on the process or the problem that is of interest to you. I have worked with individuals, couples, families, and organizations. I have taught at Divorce Recovery and the Salvation Army on assorted topics of interest with teenage girls. I also taught at the Juvenile Detention Center working with at-risk teens. I review a client or program’s mental health treatment plan to consider and explore how unresolved trauma might be affecting goal progression. What is offered: mental health advocacy-such as networking with psychiatrist and medication management support, cognitive behavior techniques, motivational interviewing skills, group dynamics and training, safety planning for crisis, assessing for crisis-such as suicidality, parenting solutions, and teaching life skills.

Guest Speaking: Ladies retreats, Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS), Church events, Parenting Strategies, Youth Support are some areas of expertise. I teach life skills, educate others through much training, education, and life experience. I can use a Christian perspective or world view platform. Healing past wounds, forgiving others, restoring a new self, rebuilding the heart, and becoming renewed is the objective.

Payment: A non-refundable deposit of $100 is requested to secure the consulting or speaking engagement. Call (616) 477- 5694) to book an event today. Fee-for service is determined after gathering information regarding needs, topic of interest, and location. Travel expenses-such as flight, train, car, and hotel expenses are included in the cost, as well as, the number of speaking times.

Use PayPal to secure your speaking engagement today at:

Forms: I will email the appropriate forms needed to be completed to the provided address given. The forms are to be returned within 48-hours to secure the scheduled services.

Intake forms

Please fill out the appropriate forms before coming to your first session. If you have questions about any of the paperwork, please contact Rhea Richardson, MA, LLPC.

Rhea Richardson, MA, LLPC
5242 Plainfield Ave NE Suite C
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
cell: (616) 477-5694 

Opened Hours Available to Schedule:
Tuesday: (contact Rhea for more info) 6pm - 8pm
Wednesday 5pm - 8pm
Friday 3pm - 6pm
Saturday 9am - 3pm

Hours by Appointment Only